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District Teachers of the Year

On Friday, May 27, during the district's End of the Year Celebration, Lake Dallas High School teacher Marcee Anderson and Corinth Elementary School teacher Allison McCowan were named the district Teachers of the Year. Thank you both for representing Lake Dallas so well.

Marcee Anderson (LDHS):
The Lake Dallas High School teacher of the year is Marcee Anderson. Marcee is not only an exemplary teacher, she is a huge asset to our campus as a whole. Her genuine desire to determine the best way to meet each of her student's unique learning needs in the classroom is remarkable.  On most days, you’ll see her car in the parking lot way before anyone else, and she’ll start a pot of coffee for any of her peers who need to stop by for some straight talk and motivation before the students arrive. Marcee is supportive of her students not only in the classroom but also in their extra-curricular activities. She is often seen attending her students' games, concerts, etc. after school hours. In Marcee's 18-year tenure at LDHS, she has served on several committees, including CEIC, and DEIC, as well as department chair for the special education department.  When we look at what it truly means to exemplify our Falcon Family, Marcee is IT. 

Allison McCowan (CE):
Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year is Allison McCowan. She has taught first grade for 6 years, all in Lake Dallas ISD. Mrs. Mac, as her students call her, holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and finished a Master's degree in counseling and psychology with a 4.0 GPA. She not only holds herself to high expectations but also holds her students to very high expectations. She helps every one of her students thrive. She is an avid cheerleader for her students and Corinth Elementary. We, the staff at CE, are better because we get to work alongside her. Her students call themselves the Rockstars. They come back to visit year after year because they know she believes in them and, once a rockstar, they are a rockstar for life.