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Meet the LDE Breaking News Team

LDE News Team Every morning right before school starts, Lake Dallas Elementary students watch their schoolmates deliver the morning announcements in an entertaining fashion.

The morning broadcast starts with a song then is followed by the date, day of the school year, birthdays, the weather and other segments.

The announcements regularly feature special segments such as staff “Taste Test Tuesday”, “Funny Friday” and more. The LDE students are particularly fond of Funny Friday and they get to submit jokes like: “why can’t a cheetah and a lion play together? Because the cheetah will cheat and the lion will lie.”  Taste Test Tuesday involves teachers tasting a cookie and guessing if it’s gingerbread or pumpkin spice.

Doing the announcements encourages the students to strengthen leadership roles and develop teamwork experience. Mrs. Beth Saralegui, the Library Media Specialist at LDE, praised a student for his dedication and leadership development over the years.  

“Ian loves to be anchor 1 and does it his own special way,” Mrs. Saralegui said. “I’ve seen teachers stop him in the hallway and say ‘you’re my favorite anchor. I love how you greet us in the morning.’ Someone complimented him; I know that’s why he continues doing it.”

Ian started as a cameraperson then got promoted to a meteorologist. He eventually became confident enough to sit at the anchor’s desk.

“He took over. I mean he like worked his way up,” Mrs. Saralegui said. “He slowly gained confidence and got better, and now he’s the director.”

LDE News Team Along with self-confidence, the students develop skills like speaking clearly, reading aloud, smiling, making decisions and more from doing the morning announcements.

“They’re learning to think for themselves,” Mrs. Saralegui said. “I think some of these kids like it so much that at some point in time they may want to be on the radio or be a newscaster or a meteorologist.”

Even the students that are quiet and shy when they join the announcement team eventually adapt to the environment.

“They’re speaking up more and respecting each other’s opinion,” Mrs. Saralegui said. “It’s just cool to see.”