LDISD Names Campus Teachers of the Year

Posted by LDISD on 5/6/2016

Lake Dallas ISD is proud to announce the 2015-16 campus Teachers of the Year.  A prize patrol comprised of LDISD Administrators made the rounds to each campus on Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, to surprise the following teachers with a flowers and balloons announcement while they were with their students.

Pamela Lisenbe, Corinth Elementary

“Coach Lisenbe has an astute understanding of the correlation between kinesthetic activities and their impact on learning,” Mr. Randall Caldwell, CE Principal said. “She daily makes a positive impact on each student and staff member at Corinth Elementary!”

Denise Evans-Jackson, Lake Dallas Elementary

“Dr. EJ is the heart of Lake Dallas Elementary,” Dr. Jennifer Perry, LDE Principal said. “Her dedication to students is noticed by all, she thrives on making teachers happy and content in their own roles and she has led the charge with our campus Parent Education program.  Our campus is blessed to have her leadership.”

Michele Sanguinetti, Shady Shores Elementary

“Michelle Sanguinetti has a heart for every child,” Mrs. Vangee Deussen, SSE Principal said. “She loves all of our SSE students. Some of her students have grown two to three reading and or/math levels while in her class. She models encouragement and teaches her students how to encourage their classmates. Her class becomes a team very quickly. She communicates her love for learning and opens her students' eyes to the joy of learning.”

Desi Beard, Lake Dallas Middle School

“Desi is amazing!” Mr. James Parker, LDMS Principal said. “She teaches students and teachers alike. I cannot think of anyone at LDMS that makes a bigger difference in everyone's life than Desi does!”

Denise Kennedy, Lake Dallas High School

“Denise Kennedy is someone who leads others around her to be better than they ever thought they could be,” Dr. Kristi Strickland, LDHS Principal said. “One of her greatest strengths is that she brings the community into the high school through a stellar band program, and she teaches each and every one of her students how to be a responsible and giving member of society.  She is not just a fabulous teacher, mentor, or director on the high school campus, she is also one of the most valuable assets of the entire Lake Cities community.”


Meet each of these LDISD campus Teachers of the Year in their TOY Q & A:

TOY Q & A with Pamela Lisenbe – Corinth Elementary Teacher of the Year

# of years at LDISD:

7 Years

Positions held at LDISD:

Corinth Elementary Physical Education Teacher


Bachelor of Science -

All Level Physical Education Certification, Secondary Health Certification

Professional affiliations:

TAHPERD (Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)


  • Corinth Elementary Committees: CEIC - Campus Educational Improvement Council, TAIS - Texas Accountability Intervention System, SHAC- Student Health Advisory Committee for CE
  • LD2 – Lake Dallas Leadership Discussion
  • Corinth PTA Member
  • District Field Day Coordinator for Elementary All District Field Day
  • Corinth Elementary PTA Board Member and Family Fun Night Coordinator for 5 Years- Planned and coordinated a variety of events for Corinth PTA – Family nights, Talent Show, Stars on the Move, Dances and Movie night.
  • Lake Cities Girls Softball Association Board Member and Coach- Coach, Pitching Lessons and Coaching Clinics
  • Girl Scout Leader – Corinth Troop 707
  • Basketball Mini Camps – Coordinated and instructor students at basketball camps
  • Special Olympics Track and Bowling Coach
  • LCEF – Grant for “Let the Music Move you” Awarded a grant for a new sound system in P.E., to engage students in movement.
  • After School Program for Students:  Providing a variety of games for students – volleyball, jump club, basketball, soccer and boot camp (50 students participate in each program)
  • FIT 15 – Faculty in Training: An after school program providing teachers and staff with the opportunity to exercise and improve fitness levels. The teachers and staff walk, jog and workout at stations.  They do yoga, cardio training, palates and support one another.  This program started out as a fitness program, but has also become a team builder for CE.  The teachers have become a support for one another.    (15 teachers participate in the program)

Past Accomplishments:

  • College Softball Coach for 2 years – Brookhaven College
  • High School Varsity Softball Coach for 4 years – W. T. White HS
    • District and Bi District Champs – 4 years                                                                        
    • Softball Coach of the Year - 4 years                                                                                        
    • JV Basketball Coach – W. T. White HS
    • Who’s Who of American Teachers
  • Lifetime member Texas PTA

Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

My favorite thing about being a teacher is the students.  When you see a child smile and see his/her desire to want learn, you know you have made a difference in a child’s life. I want students to know I care and that I am one of their biggest advocates. All children can learn; teachers just have to help each student find his/her way.  We all learn differently.   Education is power.  Students are our future.

Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

Lake Dallas ISD is a district that provides opportunities for students to grow and become the future of their own destiny. Lake Dallas ISD is not just a school district; it is a community / family.

About receiving CE Teacher of the Year . . .

This is such an honor to represent my school and all the teachers that teach at Corinth Elementary.  I am very humble and blessed.  Every Teacher deserves to be honored.  Thank you for allowing me to do what I Love to do and for the students who give me a reason for teaching.  I just want to give back what I received as a child.  If I can impact one child’s life, then I have paid it forward.  I want students to know someone really cares and loves them.

“To teach is to learn”  “If it doesn’t Challenge you, It won’t Change you.”


 TOY Q & A with Denise Evans-Jackson – Lake Dallas Elementary Teacher of the Year


# of years at LDISD:

11 years

Positions held at LDISD:

Classroom teacher – Kindergarten, ESL Specialist, and Parent Education, Member of Campus Healthy Lifestyles Committee, Hospitality Committee Chairperson, District Bilingual committee, LPAC committee, Title I committee, former CEIC member, ESL Summer School Instructor, and Saturday School Instructor

Degrees/Colleges/Certifications – Degrees: 

BA in Social Science – UNT;
MS in Human Development and Family Studies;
Ph.D. – Family Studies-TWU


ESL EC-12, Generalist – EC-4; Principal EC-12

Professional affiliations:



  • Featured in Lake Cities Sun article
  • Presenter for campus and district professional development (2012,2014,2015)
  • State of Texas TELPAS Focus group member
  • Speaker at 2015 Family Studies Doctoral Retreat – TWU
  • LCEF grant award recipient - parent education
  • LCEF grant award recipient - guided reading library
  • Developed parent education resource center – LDE
  • Over 10 years as a certified fitness instructor with numerous fitness certifications


Favorite thing about being a teacher . . . 

My favorite thing about being a teacher is having the opportunity to watch the students grow and develop. Not just academically but also grow and develop into young responsible citizens.


Favorite thing about LDISD . . . 

We are a “Family”. We care about the students, the community and one another.  LDISD - We put kids first!!


About receiving LDE Teacher of the Year . . .

“I am truly honored to receive this award. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of educators. My LDE Family has helped me grow and develop into the educator that I have become.”


TOY Q & A with Michele Sanguinetti – Shady Shores Elementary Teacher of the Year

# of years at LDISD

This is my 27th year in education and my 17th year at LDISD.

Positions held at LDISD

I am currently teaching 2nd grade.  I have been a 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teacher as well as math coordinator for two years.


I have a Bachelor's in Education with a specialization in English and Math.

Professional affiliations

I am a member of ATPE.


  • Master Teacher Program
  • Mentor Teacher Training and served as a mentor teacher
  • District math coordinator for 2 years - planned curriculum and provided inservice/training
  • Texas Math Academy Program and trainer of teachers
  • CEIC and DEIC committees
  • Campus representative at district ELA planning sessions
  • Love and Logic training/retreat

Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

My favorite thing about being a teacher is hands down the students.  I love watching each student grow as the year progresses and knowing that I am making a difference in their lives.  Some of my most memorable moments have been when previous students have come back to see me and tell me that I was one of their favorite teachers.  This is such a rewarding profession!

Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

My favorite thing about LDISD is that it feels like a family to me.  I teach with some of the most dedicated and talented people there are and I am grateful for their support and encouragement.

About receiving SSE Teacher of the Year . . .

I am honored to receive this award and I am so grateful to have the privilege of working at a profession and in a district that allows me to do something in which I am so passionate.


TOY Q & A with Desi Beard - Lake Dallas MS Teacher of the Year

# of years at LDISD

I am going on 19 years with LDISD                           

Positions held at LDISD:

 4th grade teacher (1), EXCEL Teacher (2), LD Intermediate Librarian (5), Advanced Academics Coordinator (3), LDMS Librarian (8 so far)


B.S. Elem. Ed. @ UNT, Library Certification @ TWU

  1. Ed. in Educational Technology @ Lamar Univ.

Professional affiliations:



  • Trained in:  Covey’s 7 Habits @ LDISD,
  • Master Teacher 1st CoHort @ LDISD
  • New Jersey Writing Project @ HEB ISD
  • Teaching through Learning Styles @ Lewisville ISD  
  • Have provided staff development training:  Region XI Library Harvests, NCTC Cooperative Consortium, Preschool Cooperative Training, LDISD Instaff trainings on MS campus and HS campus
  • Received extensive Google Apps for Education Training and am working on becoming Google Certified.


Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .

I love people of all ages and I get energized being around kids and staff...I love the fact that I get to partner with these kids and teachers and help them grow.

Favorite thing about LDISD . . .

I love the close knit culture we have in LDISD, a culture of caring people that give their best to help our kids become their best.

About receiving LDMS Teacher of the Year . . .

“This was a total shock and honor.  I am honored to work with so many gifted teachers and to be one among the many!”


TOY Q & A with Denise Kennedy – Lake Dallas HS Teacher of the Year


# of years at LDISD  

7 at LDHS, 22nd year of teaching


Positions held at LDISD - 

Director of Bands (currently - 5 years), Assistant Director of Bands (previously - 2 years)



Bachelor's of Music Education, certified in instrumental music and music theory grades K-12 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (Weatherford, Oklahoma)


Professional affiliations (past and present)

  • Texas Music Educator’s Association (TMEA)
  • Texas Bandmaster’s Association (TBA)
  • Texas Association of Jazz Educators (TAJE)
  • North Texas Colorguard Association (NTCA)
  • International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE)
  • Music Educator's National Conference (MENC)
  • Oklahoma Music Educator's Association (OMEA)
  • Oklahoma Bandmaster's Association (OBA)
  • Oklahoma Music Adjudicator's Association (OMAA)
  • Mid-America Performing Arts Association (MAPAA)
  • National Education Association (NEA)
  • Oklahoma Education Association (OEA)
  • Mu Phi Epsilon (MΦE)

Professional Honors and Awards:

  • Honor Band Clinician (April 2001, 2016)
  • Red River Valley Honor Band, Idabel, OK.
  • Nominee - UIL Sponsor Excellence Award (2014-2015)
  • Carrollton Wind Symphony (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • Member - Clarinet
  • ATSSB Region 3 Jazz Chairman (2007-2008)
  • Honor Conductor (March 2006)
  • Shortgrass Honor Band, Weatherford, OK
  • National Honor Roll’s Outstanding American Teacher (2005)
  • All-OMEA (All-State) Jazz Chairman (2004 - 2005)
  • Guest Conductor - SWOSU High School Band Camp (July 2004)
  • IAJE All-Star Honor Band Chairman (2003 - 2004)
  • IAJE All-Star Honor Band Assistant Chairman (2002 - 2003)
  • Teacher of the Year - Bixby Middle School (2002 - 2003)
  • Eastern District Band Director's Association Honor Band Chairman
  • 8th grade Band Chairman - 1999, 2000, 2001
  • Mid-High Band Chairman - 2002, 2003, 2004
  • Faculty Advisor for Tri-M Music Honor Society (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)
  • State Honoree - "50 Director's Who Make a Difference" (December 2001)
  • Published by School Band and Orchestra Magazine
  • Guest Conductor - SWOSU Middle School Band Camp (June 2000)
  • Honor Band Clinician (February 2001)
  • Central Oklahoma All-Area Elementary Honor Band, Cashion, OK.
  • Who's Who among American High School Teachers (1999, 2000, 2005)
  • Teacher of the Year - Grove Elementary (1997)
  • Masonic Teacher of Today (1997)
  • Chairman – Comprehensive Local Education Program (1997)
  • 8th Grade Class Sponsor - Grove School (1995 - 1996)


Favorite thing about being a teacher . . .


I absolutely love working with young musicians! I enjoy being able to teach them not only how to play a musical instrument, but how to be true musicians. Music, when performed well, can illicit a physical response in the performer and/or listener. It's an amazing experience when you can create an emotion from something that you can't taste, touch, feel or see. By teaching today's youth, I get to help them learn how to create something that is beautiful, exciting and worth-while.


I also work diligently to teach servant leadership, so that today's youth will be willing to work for their future successes. I love watching these young people see a problem and find a solution without being asked. I take pride in the fact that the student membership of the band program are capable of functioning at a high level without being told what needs to be accomplished. 


Finally, I love seeing teenagers develop a love for making music. At the end of the day, competition is only a tool to keep kids motivated. I strive to teach that if we work to create the best product possible (our music), then the awards will come as a result. The end game is that they should prepare to the best of their ability, do everything that is necessary to achieve the goals that they have established, and create a quality performance that they can be proud of and will be respected by their audience. Whether they become professional musicians or not, I want them to leave our program with an appreciation for high quality music and a deeper understanding that hard work has rewards. 


Favorite thing about LDISD . . .


While there are numerous things that I love about teaching in the Lake Dallas ISD, my absolute favorite is getting to work with the members of the Falcon Band program. Because we are a smaller district tucked between three very large districts (Lewisville, Denton and Little Elm), it is easy for the students to see themselves as not as important or talented as those who flank us. When I first started at LDHS, the students believed that they were looked down upon as musicians and would never be a quality program because they were LD. Although it took a couple of years to change that culture or mind-set within the band program, it's amazing to see them now! They hold their heads high and believe that they can accomplish anything with the right attitude, perseverance, and hard work. They have proven that they are just as good, if not better, than our educational neighbors. I get to see them grow musically EVERY day and it's wonderful to be a part of it. I would like to say that they goals that I have set for them are high, but they push me to raise the "bar" almost daily.

About receiving LDHS Teacher of the Year . . .


I am absolutely humbled that my administration believes that I am worthy of such an honor! You have left me speechless...