• Volunteer Opportunities at Lake Dallas ISD

    It takes a village to raise a child, and Lake Dallas ISD has many volunteer opportunities within our school district for those looking to support students, teachers, and schools. Every volunteer must pass a background check to ensure our students are interacting with trustworthy adults. Background checks must be completed annually to ensure the district has updated information on adults in its schools. Please view the programs below for a way you can get involved and support our Falcons.

    Booster Clubs

    Most athletic and fine arts programs offer a booster club for each activity, run exclusively by volunteers. Booster clubs support the functions of their associated programs, both through volunteer support and fundraising for items. Because booster club leadership can change, please email the head coach or director for the appropriate contact information.

    District Committees

    Lake Dallas ISD's administration oversees committees that affect all schools. The most notable committee is the District Education Improvement Committee, which looks at ways for the district to improve on a continuous basis, at all campuses. Principals often nominate individuals to serve on committees, but any community member is also welcome to apply. Those with vested interests in the students and staff are preferred candidates, such as parents of current or former students as well as representatives of local businesses or organizations involved with schools.

    Some committees may require those with certain backgrounds or expertise, while others may require a certain percentage of members to fit into specific criteria (such as a certain percentage of a committee being represented by parents or teachers). To apply to join a committee, email John Modica, interim director of instructional services, at jmodica@ldisd.net.

    Parent-Teacher Associations

    PTAs are the heart of a strong parent-school relationship, with members of these associations providing vital feedback, input, and support to schools. Each Lake Dallas ISD school has a PTA, with Lake Dallas High School operating a PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) that involves students. For information about each PTA, please click the appropriate link below.


    School Health Advisory Council

    Lake Dallas ISD's School Health Advisory Council serves to advise and monitor the school health programming and its impact on student health and learning in Lake Dallas ISD. This council provides advice and recommendations to the Board of Trustees. To volunteer for the council, please email Matt Clark, interim director of instructional services and SHAC administrative facilitator, at mclark@ldisd.net.

    Volunteering at Schools

    All Lake Dallas ISD schools welcome general volunteers in schools to support campus needs. Volunteers are needed for activities such as classroom assistance, field trips chaperoning, and similar tasks. For general volunteer inquiries, please contact your school administration (either through the principal, assistant principal, or front office) to inquire about desired volunteering. As with all volunteers, a background check is needed.

    Watch D.O.G.S.

    The Watch D.O.G.S. ("Dads of Great Students") program is available at each of Lake Dallas ISD's three elementary schools for fathers and father figures to support each school's students. The program is designed to provide a male role model presence on campus, which also benefits bullying reduction and school safety. For information on each campus program, please click the appropriate link below.